Guadalmansa-mouth near Estepona
November 18 2010

Dear reader!

This morning I took advantage of the nice weather to…

… have a look at the Guadalmansa-mouth, where I never had been before. A beautiful spot in the middle of all these large concrete hotel buildings , because beside of all these photographed birds I also saw a kingfisher, common redstarts, common stonechats, gray wagtails and kestrels. I was enthralled. Especially as this area is only a few kilometers away from my home::

Yellow-legged gulls taking a bath:

And imagine, I even discovered a Audouin's gull

Same as the Guadalhorce -mouth the Guadalmansa also got an owner, namely a little egret:

Fantastic, even two turnstones had been on their way at the mouth and I was so amused to watch them turning each and every stone around and sometimes even slinging it furiously away!

Also for some cormorants this area …

… seems to be the chosen winter habitat:

"First I had been terrible excited, but now I know, that these guys eat fish and not my olives!" Miss starling is thinking by herself:

Further to the freqent population now many wagtails coming from the north are joining:

And look, also the starlings arrived safely in the south and …

… are now here whistling happily their song:

In future I definitely will drive more often to the Guadalmansa-mouth. It's a beautiful place!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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