Guadalquivir and Brazo del Este
September 2010

Of course the funny cattle egrets also belong to the scenery of this landscape at Brazo del Este:

And the grey herons watch with attentive look to all what happens around them:

And if a car only stops, they prefer to fly a few meters away:

Between the rice fields we discovered far away also this squacco heron:

More photogenic showed itself this coquettish little egret and

another one showed us a skilled starting: :

The night herons were well hidden, but we discovered them, because

this young night heron revealed in which bushes they were sitting:

And then this beauty of a short-toed eagle flew up just in front of us! A day cannot be more beautiful as spending it at the Guadalquivir!

BUT, also the National Park of Doñana was waiting for us! But from there I shall tell in the next chapter.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer


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