Fuente de Piedra

March 13 2012

Dear reader!

What an unbelievable beautiful and exciting day we spent at Fuente de Piedra! One of these unforgettable days, from which heart and soul will draw on! - Our hope still to meet the Marsh Harriers, which were wintering there and/or migrating ones, was more than fulfilled and that by far exceeded our expectations because we also enjoyed to be able to observe such secret beings as the Spotted Crake or an Meloncillo (Spanish spezies viverrid)

At the fresh water lagoon close to the visitors centre we discovered a resting Wood Sandpiper and also …

… some Ruffs:

And that is what a Purple Moorhen is looking like as it, like…

… half dead in fury, chases a rival out of its territory:

A little later peace came again and the Purple Moorhen enjoyed the new shoots of the reed plants:

Who was to be blamed, for frightening this group of …

… Black-tailed Godwits and …

… the numerous gulls?

No, this was not the fault of this Short-toed Eagle, which came from the South and is continuing migration to the North!

It were the numerous Marsh Harriers …

… of both sexes and …

… different ages, which …

… with their fast flyovers caused a stir. Not only for the other inhabitants of the lagoon, but also for us!

Here an adult female:

And this specimen had lost a tail feather. No surprise seeing them diving into the reed!

It was difficult for us, not to …

… break in calls of cheers …

… watching the enthralling aerobatic manoevres …

… of these beautiful birds.

Of course, in particular, the fly-bys of the colorful males (at least one adult and one young male) called real storms of enthusiasm from us:

Shortly before sunset even more Marsh Harriers appeared, obviously to go to the common sleeping place. And, it nearly took our breath … one male dared to come very close to our hiding place:

Never I would have believed, that I ever would catch sight of such a secret Spotted Crake! But already in the morning I was able to make photos from this one and …

… shortly before sunset the miracle happened, because just in front of us such a small ….

… colorful Spotted Crake showed up from the dense reed and showed its coquettish beauty for a few moments to us:

We already thought not to be able to bear anymore any emotions, as another secret ínhabitant of this huge reed area showed up in front of us: a mongoose! For a short moment it paused in front of our hiding place to disappear immediately again into the impenetrable reed:

At the visitors centre this Little Owl bid us farewell after this wonderful day, and quickly wanted to proof that he can turn his neck for nearly 360°! Gee, what a nice little fellow!

A real memorable day, which I enjoyed very much in the company of Eduardo, Antonio and Blas.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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