Faro de Calaburras

Photos with the new camera FZ 200 from Panasonic

November 01 2013

Dear reader!

Just recently I got the new FZ 200 from Panasonic. This light but powerful bridge camera should make my life easier to make excursions on foot without having to carry this heavy Canon Tele. One does not get younger! - - And because the weather is so terrific I was able to try it out today and I am amazed, what my new camera is able to do! The only negative thing, which I could notice up to the moment is the viewfinder. The viewfinder of the small FZ 200 cannot be compared with the potent viewfinder of the Canon, but this I take pleasure to accept, because it's the difference in the weight which is important!

The FZ 200 and me took our way to the lighthouse of Calaburras (Mijas):

At this coastal line the rocks get visible during low tide, on which the

. Yellow Legged Gulls enjoy their sunbath and overlook proudly their territory, the sea:

Concerning Mr. Little Egret it is impossible to think about resting and he is going foraging. Noticeable are the black points on his yellow feet. I don't know, if young birds look like that or if it is just a freak of nature. Would be nice, if someone could tell me:

"Ghee, I would not like to get soaking wet!!!"

Well camouflaged in between the rocks I recognized about 20 Turnstones. If they are not busily running around one can easy overlook them:

A little Snowy Plover was shortly before the arrival of high tide still foraging:

The Sanderlings however were filled and

made use of the high tide to have a catnap:

And in close proximity but well camouflaged we discovered this Whimbrel, which .

we enthralled admired in all his beauty!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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