Lake Steinhude - Part II - Great Crested Grebe

June 10 - 17 2014

Dear reader!

How much did I enjoy the great number of Great Crested Grebes there at the Lake Steinhude, who are to be observed there from quite near:

Here one of these beautiful birds on its floating nest:

But still not really satisfied with its nest building .

the Great Crested Grebe is on its way to look for more nesting material:

"Finally! This big haulm will provide stability for my nest!"

"I just have to place it on the exact right position!"

"Ghee, not really easy to construct that all only with help of the beak!"

"Well, now all my body weight is to be called into action, because

I am just lying all leaves and haulms flat!"

And a little break our nice diligent Great Crested Grebe also needs. No wonder, after he tirelessly was bringing nesting material!

It was just wonderful to watch all these nice scenes from that near!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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