Ferruginous Duck and Avocet chicks at the Guadalhorce-Mouth

June 27 2014

Dear reader!

How life goes ! Now I had been at the Lake Steinhude, where the rare Ferruginous Ducks are repopulated again, and were I couldn't even find a single one. So what a joy to be able to see them at all and that at the Mouth of the Guadalhorce:

As it is written in the books of birds, male and female are on first sight only to distinguished by the color of the eyes, light for the males, dark for the females::

""Well, notice! The stars at the Guadalhorce-Mouth are we, the male White-headed Ducks!" one of them rose up:

Too funny the numerous Stilt chicks of different ages, which

were guarded with unlimitted patience

by their parents:

And here the stars of the Rio Viejo: two already big Avocet chicks, who were born at the Guadalhorce:

And also the pair at the big lagoon had been breeding successfully and

three only few days old chicks were constantly walking the banks permanently foraging:

As Mum then showed them how to train their wings the little ones were astonished!

The photo is not really a good one, but shows one of the five Purple Herons, we saw!

With this, still young Flamingoes you see, how

their wings slowly but steady are changing to pink color

It was a tremendous day at the Guadalhorce-Mouth!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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