Corrales de Montijo - Oystercatcher and Whimbrel

September 15-19 2014

Dear reader!

Vehemently the strong westwind rose the waves at the "Corrales de Montijo", which the Oysterfishers seemed to appreciate, because

they played with the wind and let resound their penetraiting calls:

"Still all rocks are awashed! Only, where is it possible to land?"

At long last everybody found its place, also

when he had therefore to

chase, rather perky, away a Whimbrel:

Our beautiful Whimbrel had to look for a new territory and

soon strutted with his head raised through the wading area:

These, at low tide, released rocks exerted a magical attraction for these birds, because

there one can easily find delicious crabs:

"Just a moment! I discovered one!"

"My long beak is just terrific for that, so I don't have to make my head wet!"

And really, our beautiful feathered friend had caught a crab:

Again and again he was successful:

And alike to make a special joy for me, he then flew past close to me! Such an elegant chap!

"Bye for now, Sanlúcar with all you beautiful beaches, salines, Corrales and terrific restaurants!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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