World Day of the Birds at La Janda (Cádiz)

October 05 2014

Dear reader!

""Welcome to the Day of the Birds at La Janda!" - what a nice welcome!

Right from the beginning a huge flock of Whitestorks enthralled us, who were calmly sailing and obviously enjoying this beautiful day same as we did:

Representative for the many hundreds of shy Sparrows, which we saw, here one of the bravest among them:

The rusty wires of the fences are favored as well by the Ziting Cisticolas

--- as the Blackthroats as resting place:

"Yawning boaring this "World Day of the Birds!" the Little Egret decided:

A Turtle adored the heartthrob of her live, who didn't take notice of her:

Another Grey Heron attentively watched everything what happened around him:

The male Pheasant felt discovered and stayed motionless in the shrubs. We quickly drove on, because we did not want to terrify anyone:

Also a Marsh Harrier played hide and seek with us:

Another one delighted us with its flying skills. Incidentally we also saw two colorful males, who however stayed in a distance:

The normally so shy Red-legged Partridges in contrast posed for quite a while, whereby

they always kept attention:

Such a wonderful autumn day at La Janda with its cotton- and rice fields, channels and fields which are for so many animals a wonderful resting place!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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