Adventure with a Horseshoe Whip Snake at the Guadalhorce-Mouth

October 08 2014

Dear reader!

At least seven Common Snipes we saw at the Guadalhorce-Mouth. While most of them were, exhausted from the long journey, sleeping hidden well camouflaged, these two went foraging:

Also the first Teals from the high North arrived:

Autumn at the Guadalhorce:

A male White-headed Duck in his eclipse plumage:

And here a couple:

""Well, Mrs. Turtle are you also enjoying the beautiful sunny day?" the Black Coot is asking friendly:

Here probably one of the youngest Stilts, still well protected by its parents:

The Oystercatchers are still staying at the river mouth:

A Redshank showed us

a perfect landing:

While we were still a little bit disappointed, that the Osprey or

the quarreling Marsh Harriers could be observed only from far away, suddenly in the observation hut dramatic scenes took place:

This Gecko was fleeing from a predator and exactly hiding where I was sitting. And then I only felt something soft on my naked arm. No, neither a pestering fly nor a leaf

When I looked at my arm I nearly got a stroke, because this Horseshoe Whip Snake was obviously in her chase fallen from above on me and was looking for the Gecko. I shook her off, not without screaming a little bit in shock, I admit! But i quickly had myself under control again and took photos from this strange visitor in the observation hut:

Soon the Horseshoe Whip Snake - surely more shocked than me - was winding on the floor and

disappeared through a small hole from the wood shelter

An unforgettable moment, which I would not like to be repeated!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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