Young Purple Heron catching prey

November 05 2014

Dear reaer!

At the river banks a few planks were washed ashore and that exactly was it, what out young Purple Heron took advantage of for his prey catching!

"So, here I am standing on a solid ground, anyhow being hidden and can still look for fishes without being seen by them immediately!"

Tsssaaassss ....!

It's only a tiny little fish, but better than nothing!

Our young Purple Heron is in hunting fever and

is catching again something small:

"Damn! Even an Kingfisher is catching bigger fishes than me!" our young friend is annoyed:

But now he out his shoulder to the wheel and

is diving his head into the water:

"Tee-hee I got something!"

Indeed he caught a big Mullet!!!

Excitedly he placed it right in his beak, because

the fish has to be swollowed first head down. An exciting balance performance!

Ghee and this Mullet is even bigger! - 200g food a Purple Heron needs a day, well this problem was hereby solved for the day!

But not only crabs and fishes are on the menue of the young Purple Heron. With growing experience he also managed to catch a rat. These photos I shall show you in the next report.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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