Young Purple Heron trying to fish

November 05 2014

Dear reader!

In the hope to be able to observe and make pictures of the young Purple Heron on ground-level, I had spread out my bath towel at the beach under a bush.

And my young friend was sitting nearly a s hidden as me. Patience was asked, because like that he can stay for hours:

Suddenly he flew off

turned a round and

was landing in the warm light of the morning sun right in front ob my nose. What a moment!!!

But the young Purple Heron didn't have to loose any time, because obviously his stomach was growling and he was looking for the shoal of small and big Mullets, which were right in front of his nose.

"But how can I come close, because also these fish are not stupid!?"

The young Purple Heron was now as close by me, so

I was able to make a few portrait shots:

"Also at this point it doesn't work!" the nice guy decided and

tried his luck from the beach side:

Unique this beautiful, huge, yellow feet!

"I see these fishes, but

how can I get one?"

And now the young Purple Heron changed his tactic! He not only pulled his neck completely in, but also took quite an angular position to expose as less shadow as possible:

And .... tsass:

What a bother, he didn't catch any!

But he didn't give up, because finally

this whole river was full of fishes:

Extremely unpatient and a little bit clumsy he now tried like pelicans do:

But finally he gave up and the Mullets jumped by his takeoff in panic into the air:

But please don't worry! Already soon our young Purple Heron hat learned another tactic to get well fed. And the menue also was rather varied! But about that I'll tell in the nex report!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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