October 15 2015

Dear reader!

Since I had not been for birding for nearly 6 months, I would have been satisfied with three gulls and a starling, but it should come better at the Guadalhorce! We saw three Marsh-harriers one posing Booted Eagle and an Osprey! Too far away for making photos, but the flight skills of the Marsh harriers I am always enthusiastic about.

Much closer to the observation booth were the elegant Stilts.

"My goodness how pretty I am"

Here and there some small territory disputes took place, in which also the youngster got strongly involved:

The calls of Red- and Greenshanks filled the air. Just pleasant!

We counted altogether six Greenshanks and

then to our joy also a Grey plover flew along:

A little bit jealous also this Sandpiper admired the elegance of the Greenshanks:

Time for plumage care and a little nap:

Also Dunlins joined and we discovered a Curlew Sandpiper and Little stints:

Once the beach belonged to the Greenshanks, once

to the Redshanks, till they

flew off with their enchanting trilling calls:

Evening mood at the Guadalhorce-Mouth:

Such a beautiful afternoon!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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