Playful Grey heron frightens away Gulls

September 27 2016

Dear reader!

Yellow-legged gulls and Lesser black-backed gulls enjoyed the sun on their small islet at the Guadalhorce mouth, but

.suddenly alle flew off somehow horrified. What had happened?

Well, this young Grey heron had landed on the islet and enjoyed

obviously to .

frighten them away by his wild dances!

"Ghee, there is one more! Get away!"

The little game he

obviously enjoyed:

And instead of behaving like an elegant Grey heron

he rather behaved like a crazy chick

"Thats far out, how much I scared them!"

"Look, the little Waders I also frightened away!"

"All gone! Hihii´, that was fun!"

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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