Nordic Waders at the Guadalhorce

September 27 2016

Dear reader!

The Nordic waders take rest on their long journey from the high north to their wintering grounds. "Welcome!" I rather wanted to call out to them!

Little stints and Grey plovers in size comparison:

The young Grey plover

was posing to our great joy

played with a feather and

.went foraging:

What a beautiful bird!

The Ruff was suspiciously eyed by the native Stilt:

Tired from the long journey, they had rested the whole afternoon and

went now foraging:

Just SO beautiful

to be able to observe these terrific guests from the high north in such a peaceful atmosphere!

These wings have carried the Ruff already thousands of miles::

Well, and than the Bar-taied godwit

of course also foraging:

While making the photos from these Birds

every time the thought touches me, that

they had to make thousands of miles to this place in southern Spain and

again in springtime same distance in the other direction to

arrive in the high north at their breeding sites. What a great performance!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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