Bislicher Inseln - Lower Rhine

January 22 2017

Dear reader!

I spent a few marvellous days at the Lower Rhine!

Of course we also visited the Rheinauen of the Bislicher Inseln, where thousands of Grey geese, White-fronted geese and Barnacle geese from the high north spend their winter months.

I was fascniated how the technique of the shipping on the Rhine harmonizes with the nature

"Please don't look only for Wild geese! We are also around!" the nice Pintail pair remarked":

"Me too! Me too!" thanks God I heard the pretty Eurasian widgeon!

Also Mrs. Kestrel wanted …

… to draw my attention to herself:...

But then the first flocks of ….

White-fronted geese flew above us!

"Lets see, who got more HP!"

Just a ….

… pageant!

And so nice to see, that such huge meadows are offering food to all guests from north!

I think, that …

… these photos are really …....

…giving only a very small impression …

… from the experienced!

It was just unbelievable wonderful!!!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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