March 23 -24 2017

Dear reader!

Doñana in springtme is ...

... a feast of the eyes!

Purple moorhen having lunch:

The Red-crested ducks enjoy the beautiful day and ...

... the Great crested Grebe is guarding his mates naptime:

The song of the Corn buntings was everywhere:

Night herons are also flying during daytime!

"Life as a supermodel is awful boaring!" the Great egret adjudgets:

Boredom is no question for the Grey herons:

Too much they had been busy collecting nesting material:


The Spoonbill is watching the action while ...

... its 'featherstyle' ...

was looking a little bit stormy!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

All photos ©copyright by Birgit Kremer
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